Website Flipping Guides

How To Perform Website Due Diligence

The fact that you are flipping websites doesn’t mean you should purchase any website blindly. You want to ensure that you purchase websites that are in line with your business goals. Performing a website due diligence is probably one of the most important things you can do. It tells you the actual value of a … Read More

Is Flippa Legit?

There are many different options today when it comes to making money. While many people still believe that the only real way to make money is by starting their own brick-and-mortar business, this is far from the truth. Just like fixing up houses and flipping them for a profit, you can make an income by … Read More

Alternative sites to Flippa for website flipping

Are you familiar with website flipping? Website flipping is buying an online business or website that you think will still be profitable, making it more appealing so people will be interested in it and then sell it for a higher price value. This is how website flippers gain profit in this business. You probably heard … Read More

How to Start Flipping Websites

How to Start Flipping Websites Have you ever contemplated investing in a website, in the same manner as you would investing in real estate? The fact is, that like real estate, there is a lot of prime Internet real estate out there today, which has not been properly maintained by its previous owners. Much like … Read More

Investing in Websites: Is it a Good or Bad Idea?

As the year’s pass, people are becoming innovative and open to learning more about investments. Many have become eager to find new ways to invest, and one of them is website investments. Success in website investing depends on your skills, marketing capabilities and knowledge. And if you have any of those three, you’ll be sure … Read More