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How I got started on this path

I started flipping websites when I got laid off from a graphic design job 6 years ago. That’s when I came across website marketplaces and purchased my first website. I made some money from the site and was able to sell it for even more profit. This was much needed money at the time and my first online profits. I kept doing this to make ends meet and it has become a very lucrative side hustle!

I started out making $100 to $200 a flip as a side hustle to earning $7,000 in one week of flipping websites. That’s when I realized, this is just like real estate or being a business mogul with a much lower barrier of entry. I could put in relatively low resources or effort, and make more than 32x return on my money! What other investment has returns like that? I have also been working in the seo field for the past 6 years almost exclusively. SEO is possibly the most important part of website flipping. Stable organic traffic increases valuations!

Building websites in desirable niches with great designs.

Search engine optimization to capture the most organic traffic.

Navigating the website marketplaces to find great deals and make profitable sales.