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How to build your site

You’ll learn how to build your site easily without any coding or difficult programs. I’ll teach you the exact process I use to quickly evaluate niches and build new sites that will make you extra money every month.

How to Optimize your site

You’ll learn how to optimize your site from a proven SEO expert with more than 7 years experience. I’ve optimized 100s of sites and can teach you from experience how exactly to get the best rankings in Google for your new site.

Flip for +32x multiples

Learn how to flip websites for high-multiples with my sales templates and processes. Buy and sell websites with confidence using my due-dilligence process.

Calvin carter

Website Flipper & SEO Consultant

Calvin started flipping websites when he got laid off from a job 6 years ago. He started out making $100 to $200 a flip as a side hustle to earning almost $7,000 in a week of flipping websites. That’s when he realized, this is just like real estate or being a business mogul with a much lower barrier of entry.

He also realized he could put in relatively low resources or effort, and make the 20x return on his money! What other investment has returns like that? He has also been working in the SEO field for the past 6 years almost exclusively. SEO is possibly the most important part of website flipping. Stable organic traffic increases valuations!

How to flip websites for up to $7,000 / week

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Start making money flipping websites with my proven techniques. If you can use the internet, you can make money flipping sites.

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