Alternative sites to Flippa for website flipping

Are you familiar with website flipping? Website flipping is buying an online business or website that you think will still be profitable, making it more appealing so people will be interested in it and then sell it for a higher price value. This is how website flippers gain profit in this business.

You probably heard of the website Flippa. Flippa is a global marketplace that specializes in buying and selling sites. That is how website flipping works.

Interesting, right? It’s profitable, yet you have to remember two things. Like any type of business, it’s risky, so you need to dedicate a lot of your time to improving the website to make it profitable. Second, you can lose everything if it goes wrong.

Earning money isn’t easy. You need to put a lot of effort into any business or work. You need to take a risk. But before you do that, you need to study the type of business you’re getting into. The website flipping isn’t an exception. You can earn a lot of money here, but it’s still a risk. Keep on reading to learn more about website flipping.

Building or Flipping?

You can either build a new website or flip an old website and then sell it in website flipping. Imagine building a house. You pick the best location for your dream house then you decide how to furnish it. That’s how building a website does too. On the other hand, flipping a website is a different thing. Here, you will have to buy an old website, fix it, so it becomes profitable then sell it.



Try to know what type of websites you want. It should be something you’re interested in. It will not work if you don’t put your heart into it. So make sure that it’s interesting for you so that fixing it won’t be a problem for you. Be passionate about it. Once you already know the type of website, try looking for an online selling platform that buys and sells websites.


Creating a domain name is one of the crucial parts of building a website. The title should be catchy enough to attract buyers. It must have highly searched keywords. There are online service providers that sell catchy domain names, but you can be creative and make your own if you can. Once you’re done with this, you’re almost ready for this digital business.


When you already have a domain, the next thing that you need to do is find a platform to host your website. Choose the best web hosting plan that you think is suitable for you. There are numerous web hosting sites that you can choose from. You could find one. Once you find the best web hosting site, link the domain name to it.

4. Platform

WordPress is the best when it comes to web designing. You will find all the built-in plug-ins you need for your website there. They also have layouts that you can choose from. You need to put your website content and let them do the magic. After this, you are now ready to launch your website to earn money.


You need to advertise your website to gain attention. Google AdSense provides this kind of service for free initially. Advertising helps improve traffic on your website and lets you earn more money.

6. SEO

Target your audience by improving the website base on the search engine with the highly searched keywords. Try getting more traffic on social media sites, too.


When your website is ready to go, you have two options, sell it or put it in auctions. As mentioned, there are different kinds of the platform where you can sell your website, and the same thing goes if you decide to auction it. You just need to be careful as this is an online transaction, and fraudulent users are just around the corner.


Once you have already found a buyer and you both have agreed to the terms and conditions and the price, the next thing you need to do is transfer the domain to the buyer. Follow the same steps for another website flipping to make money. A lot of people are earning from this, so give it a try and put your best shot to it.


There are also different strategies for website flipping. It may not be recommended for newbie website flippers, but there’s no harm in studying these strategies for future use.


You can buy a functional website for your targeted market, then redirect the traffic to your own website by means of advertising. This is one of the fastest ways to improve your traffic in a short period.


You can buy a site to generate advertising revenue. You can still earn even if you purchase these websites for advertising purposes only.


Find a website that is intended for a quick flip. This is done to improve the quality of your website before auctioning it to the highest bidder. It’s a quick money maker.


Don’t stop looking for a website that you think can be profitable in the future. Always have a long-term vision. Always have a highly searched keyword optimization to sell it effectively.

What are alternatives to Flippa?

Now that you’re familiar with website flipping and its strategies, it’s time to ask the next question. Where can you buy and sell websites? There are tons of websites that do this kind of business. Let me introduce you to these websites.


As mentioned above, Flippa is known globally as an online marketplace for buying and selling websites and other digital assets. Founded in 2009, they have sold more than 300,000 digital assets worldwide.


Sedo is one of the Flippa alternatives, and if you’re looking for a catchy domain, you can never go wrong with them. They have more than 2 million users all over the world. On this website, the buyers and sellers connect directly, making it easier for the transaction. They offer different kinds of services like domain appraisals and a lot more.


Website Broker helps people in buying and selling websites that already exist. They are one of the oldest digital selling platforms. So, when it comes to reliability, you should definitely not question it. Depending on your chosen plan, they can give you more exposure to the platform.

4. BuySellWebsite

This website is targeting the newcomer rather than the those with experience in website flipping. They are one of the most trusted and used places in the field of website flipping. Their services include website appraisal, buying and selling a startup, and even established ones.


Founded in 2006, this website avoids the need to look for an expensive agent or broker to sell your website. You can just list your sites according to the given categories.


This is a new website selling platform that could be perfect for businesses looking for affordable websites. They build websites and customize them according to your preferences.


Who doesn’t know eBay? Everyone knows that it’s the world’s largest selling platform, but did you know that they sell websites too? Yes, you can definitely buy and sell websites from them. They can also provide online auctions.

Get started flipping websites

So, now that you know the basic steps in website flipping as well as the strategies to make money through it. You already know where to buy and sell websites. What should you do next? Whether you decide to make your own website or buy an existing one, in order for you to gain profit, you need to study it carefully and be passionate. Success doesn’t happen overnight. It would be best if you researched everything before taking a risk.

If you think you have the passion and the creativity to do this job and you think you’re a risk-taker, then you can definitely start this business. Website flipping, as I’ve said before, is not a new way of earning money. With everything mentioned here, I’m sure you already have an idea of what the business would be about and the money you’ll be making once you jump into this kind of business. So, study more about website flipping by visiting Flippa and the other alternatives we provided and see the wonders of website flipping. See it for yourself.

But don’t forget that in an online business, it is limitless and once you gather a big market, never let them go. They would be the key to your success. These people will be the bread and butter of your new business. Always know what they want so you can easily cater to their need. This way, your effort, and money will never go down the drain.