InstructorCalvin Carter
TypeOnline Course
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Section 1Intro
Section 2Choosing a NIche
Lecture 2Make a list of site ideas
Lecture 3Determining Market Value
Lecture 4Select a niche
Section 3Sitebuild
Lecture 5Overview
Lecture 6Pick a valuable domain
Lecture 7Choose good hosting
Lecture 8Platform - Theme - Builder
Section 4Setup the site fast
Lecture 9Overview - Crucial settings
Lecture 10Create a brand
Lecture 11Pages to create
Lecture 12Foundational pages - walkthrough
Lecture 13Terms & privacy policy - walkthrough
Lecture 14Signup & confirmation - walkthrough
Lecture 15Focus pages - walkthrough
Lecture 16Blog posts - walkthrough
Lecture 17Base site complete
Lecture 18Finalize the site
Section 5Content production
Lecture 19Best ways to product content
Lecture 20Recommended content producer
Section 6Monetization methods
Lecture 21Intro, Affiliate, & Ads
Lecture 22Create your own products
Lecture 23Services
Lecture 24SAAS
Lecture 25Amazon, GP, Membership, Marketplace
Section 7Effective Monetization
Lecture 263 Critical strategies
Lecture 27How to get traffic
Section 8Website flipping strategies
Lecture 28Navigating the marketplace
Lecture 29Calculating site valuations
Lecture 30Buying & selling websites
Lecture 31Managing a site portfolio
Lecture 32My $7K / week strategy